We ship by air and will need the following information from you to book a flight: Name, mailing address, phone number(s), major airport(s) near you, and your preferred shipping date. I will always try to accommodate you the best I can with the shipping arrangements, but the overall decision as to how to ship and when to ship your new puppy will be my decision based on the health, safety, and the best interest of the puppy. After receiving payment for your puppy I will schedule a vet check up and obtain the required health certificate that will permit the puppy to be flown. The health certificate must be completed 1-10 days prior to puppy's flight. I also call to schedule and book a flight with the airline. Once the flight is booked, I prepay the shipping and send you the puppy's itinerary. I tend to use American Airlines from my local airport-Springfield Missouri, but I can use other companies and other airports to get the best flight for your puppy. We can work together and I will notify you in advance of all shipping arrangements and flight numbers. All you have to do is pick the puppy up within an hour of his/her arrival at the airport. If I become aware of any change in the puppy's schedule, I will attempt to notify you immediately.
  There are many safeguards in place for your puppy's protection. Puppies and other small animals may only be routed through airports that have animal handling stations with animal handlers on duty. (Which is why we sometimes can't ship on weekends). It is the handler’s jobs to pick the puppies up off the planes in temperature controlled vans and make sure the puppies make their connecting flights. The handlers care for the puppies and even feed and water them, if needed, should they happen to be on hold too long at an airport. We include a small bag of puppy food attached to the crate for this purpose if needed. The puppies ride in a temperature controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane, they have the same temperature and air quality as the passengers and airline crew. There are airline requirements on the size and type of shipping crates that the puppy can be sent in and on the minimum and maximum projected temperatures at all points on the puppy's itinerary. If it gets too cold or hot before a flight's departure, the puppy will not be accepted by the airline and we then reschedule it for another flight and of course notify you. In addition to the precautions in place with the airlines, we take steps to accustom our puppies to being away from their mothers and siblings prior to shipping. None of our puppies will travel until we consider them old enough to tolerate and do well with the travel. This helps to minimize the stress they might have during their flight. We do not sedate our puppies for any reason.
  Puppy will come with his own reusable travel crate, a sample of the ProPlan puppy food he has been eating, and one of his toys from home which smells like his mommy and litter mates to provide comfort during travel and at his new home, and a copy of the health certificate. In the winter I sometimes send a warm snuggle puppy in the crate. (some airlines or airports will not allow the stuffed toy)
  I will make sure your puppy has pottied, eaten, and drank just before he goes on the plane, plus put a couple of doggie biscuits in the crate with him. You will pick him up at the priority package area, check with your airport it can either be at the ticket counter in the main terminal or in the cargo office. Usually you can pick your puppy up within 30-60 minutes of the plane arriving. Be sure to bring picture ID, they check to make sure you are the person the puppy is for. Also make sure you have the air bill or reference number with you. The travel crate will have zip ties around the door to keep the crate from popping open, so you will need to bring scissors or a pocket knife to cut them. (Don't take into the airport with you). Make sure you are in a secure area (like your car) before opening the crate. Usually puppies just want to get out and love you but sometimes the trip has made them nervous and you want to make sure the puppy won't get away from you and be lost. Put a collar and leash or harness and leash on him then see if he needs to potty on a sheet of newspapers. Then offer him a drink (bottled water at first) and something to eat. Your puppy will be excited and distracted but it's important you get him to eat something since the trip can be a little stressful on them and you want to prevent hypoglycemia. Please take some canned Mighty Dog with you and offer it to him if he won't eat. You can also offer the puppy some Nutri-Cal. Nutri-Cal (Nutri-Stat, Vita-Cal) is a calorie supplement that will keep their blood sugar up and boost their appetite. Nutri-Cal can be purchased at most vet offices or pet stores. For the very small puppies you might want to offer a dime sized amount to your puppy 2 to 3 times a day. (Be sure to read our hypoglycemia information.) Bring some paper towels or baby wipes (plus a trash bag or plastic shopping bag) to clean out the shredded papers inside of the crate just in case the puppy gets plane sick or couldn't wait to potty. Puppies are clean when they leave here but they are babies and sometimes accidents do happen. Also a soft towel or blanket to put back into the crate for your trip home. Your puppy care pack will either be taped to the bottom of the travel crate, taped to the top of the travel crate, or sent to you via regular mail. Your registration papers and health/shot records are in the care pack. Then after your puppy has eaten, drank, and pottied please call me and let me know you have him and how everything is. I always worry a little until I get the call that the puppy has arrived safely. My home number is 573-346-2103 or my cell is 573-480-0161 (call cell first)
Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks so much,