Rose from Ontario Canada writes about her little girl Dreami.

Teresa, the entire process of obtaining a puppy from you has been a pleasure right from our initial conversations. You've always answered ALL of my questions and were always available, professional and caring. I'm so appreciative of the extra paperwork you did to get her here. Thank you and your family for raising the most beautiful and endearing little girl we call Dreami. She is perfect in every way. My family and I are so grateful for all you do. Thank you!
Rose Wood

Elaine from Bellvue Colorado writes about her two girls Heidi and Natalie

  Last year I bought Natalie and Nadia (now Heidi) from Teresa.  You can see them now, at about a year old.
  Teresa is very professional, and extremely knowledgeable about Yorkies.
We have kept in touch and become friends. I would recommend her above
any breeder, as I have dealt with a few, and they can be very snobby, to
say the least. Teresa gives her all into anything she does. Her breeding
line that she has developed is happy, healthy, and have long, beautiful
silky  coats. My dogs get compliments where ever we go and are so fun to
  Any questions or concerns you might have will be returned quickly, and
full of information including printouts, websites, and companies of
interest. I have been so happy to have had my online puppy buying
experience with some one of such integrity. Everyone should have at
least two of these dogs!

  You can contact me at for any questions.

                         Lynda from Joshua Tree, California loves her Yorkie named Maycie, she writes:

I am so excited to let everyone know that I purchased my pride and joy Maycie last year from Teresa.  She did a great job telling me just what I needed to do to make the transition for Maycie a great one.  If you want a puppy who is beautiful, fun loving, and not to mention a great temperament, buy buy buy from Teresa.  Wow what a great experience, Teresa not only puts all of her time and love into her babies, but she does what she can to make sure they go to the best homes.  I cant encourage you enough to go through Teresa if you are looking for a Yorkie.  For me she was the only way to go!!
Thanks again Teresa
Lynda Geter
                                                   N and D in MO write about adopting Sassy Tu                                                                                                     

When our 13yr old, 6# Yorkie Sasha Cachet better known as Sassy curled up for her last nap our life was changed.  She was gone from our life but never absent from our heart.  We needed closure and needed to work through our grief before we were physically and emotionally ready for another baby.

               We knew we would never replace her but wanted another Yorkie with whom we could share life. There were many choices for Yorkies from many breeders (who couldn't begin to answer my questions). Teresa won our trust and heart; she is so knowledgeable about all aspects of Yorkies.  That is because she specializes in only Yorkies.  Don’t even consider any breeder that has multiple breeds.

               Our little bundle of love was a little younger than most at adoption time but Teresa felt that the transition would be suitable.  We got to see our new addition in her surroundings, with her littermates and also, her mother and father.  We brought home the perfect Yorkie.


Hi Teresa,

Hope all is well.  Tinkerbell is now a Pet Thearpy Dog for Kaiser Hospital in West Los Angeles.  Everyone there calls her DIVA!  She was certified by the state and visits once a week.  She is just so lovable and loves people.  Peter Pan is such a momma's boy and is very protective of me, his big sis and the family.  He will also be going through additional training but probably won't be a pet therapy dog.  I have tons of pictures to share.  I will send them to you once I get them downloaded to the computer.  Every family function I go to, the dogs are welcomed.

Just want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to love such bundles of joy!
They are part of the Stinson family and will always be.

Take Care!
626 222 1565

Hello Teresa and future adopters!:

I believe when considering adding a new addition to ones family, a beautiful furbaby, alot needs to be thought of and planned.  But the root and base of it all, the foundation, starts with the Breeder.
A reputable and well knowledged breeder will be able to assist in the right puppy for you.  They will know if the breed that they are raising will fit well in your family and with your lifestyle.
When adopting a puppy/dog, it is not for a week, month or year but for the life of the pup.  So, you want to be sure that you are receiving a healthy, good temperament dog.  You will need assistance with getting to know your pup, the do's and don'ts, what to do in a crisis and the knowledge of the Breed.  Most of all, you will want to feel GOOD about the pup you are adopting.
I would like to say that Teresa holds these qualities, but I would be wrong.  Teresa does and knows alot more then that!  She exceeds what anyone could ever expect!  Teresa of Magnum Yorkies is: LOVING, CARING, RESPONSABLE, KNOWLEDGED.....  Basically look up EVERYTHING that could exist to describe an excellent breeder and in the deffinition you will find her name.
I could ask any question, even though sometimes I thought I might be bothering, and Teresa would be quick to respond back.  I got the chance to get to know Teresa and her beliefs and ways of Breeding and raising Yorkies.  Oh! And don't think that she did not ask me questions!  She cares about each and every baby that comes from her litters and she makes sure that they are going to be going to loving homes! I adored that fact that she took the time with me, over a couple of months, to assist me until we found exactly what I was looking for.  Not every breeder will do that.  Some are, ok this is what I have take it or leave it.  You will not hear that attitude from Teresa.
I believe, and have no qualms about, that anyone who Teresa permits to adopt one of her Yorkies will not only be satisfied with the pup/dog and services that they will be provided, but will feel blessed with their new addition.  I know I am!
Magnum Shan's Chantel, which can be seen on her site, is a beautiful, energetic loving little girl and she has stole our hearts!  My Vet said when she examined her that it had been a while since she had seen a good quality Yorkie like Chantel.
Please, feel free to contact or write me if you would like. 
Sincerely Shannon
Hi Teresa,
I just wanted to give you an update on Paprika.   She is a bundle of joy!! We have renamed her Lucy and she has adapted very well to her new home. We are currently crate training her and she is sleeping through the night with no problems other than a few barks and whimpers the first couple of minutes. We are working on the housebreaking and she is doing pretty well with this  also.  Her accidents, of course, tend to happen when we aren't watching her. She even had her first bath and she even let me blow dry her hair with no problem!  Soon after the bath she was pretty wound up, running all over the house attacking her toys!  The kids absolutely adore her and she is becoming pretty spoiled!  She even went to her first softball game last night and of course was the center of attention.
  She is eating well and had her first checkup with Dr. Wilsman on Tuesday!  She had her rabies shot and got her first Frontline treatment and heartworm pills.  He had nothing but great things to say about Lucy and you!  He thought we did very well and got her from a really great place!  Kudos to you!  She goes back next week for a booster shot.
  Thanks again for all of your assistance!  We have found a gem and couldn't be happier!  I lost my
14 year old Dalmatian in December and even though I could never replace him, Lucy is a godsend! 
We love her dearly!  I will send you some pictures when I get a chance to take some!
  Lucy's next adventure is boating!  However, we definitely need to get her a life jacket and we would
like to slowly get her acclimated to the dock, lake and boat!
  Take care and best wishes!

Jamie, Nate, Dakota, McKae & Jozie
Nancy and Dean have been to my home to pick up Sassy Tu
Ashley has been to my home to pick up her puppy
Jamie and Nate are from Osage Beach Missouri and have        been to my home to visit and to pick up Lucy

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  A belated thank you for your help in the adoption process for Chewbacca (Ethan), born March 4, 2009 .  He is now 6 months old and the center of attention in our household.  I have enclosed his puppy picture and updated pics, the last being taken just tonight.
  Chewey goes golfing with us every Saturday and Sunday and LOVES it.  He has become the golfing mascot for the Sunday morning Men's Club that tees off ahead us.
  He also loves to go for car rides, especially in the convertible.
  It took a little while to convince my husband to let me get him but they are now the best buddies.  I kind of feel like the outsider. Don't be suprised if I'm not contacting you someday to start looking at a second puppy.  Maybe, one of your Parti-puppies.  They are adorable!
Thanks again for your help and please feel free to use me for a reference,

Judy Cotter
Columbia, MO
  Oh Teresa - Maggie indeed is the apple of our eye.  She has Jim so wrapped around her little finger (toe?)!  She is truly a free spirit - I think rather like your description of Bratt on your web site.  She drags laundry all over the house, takes her sisters toys, chases her tail until I am dizzy, etc.  She loves the outdoors and runs like the wind (although she isn't too fond of the rain or snow).  She thinks she weighs 100 pounds and can protect the house and its contents, including us, against anything that comes to the door.  If she is bad you'll know it because she slinks as low to the floor and close to the wall as possible, and tiptoes around the room.  Then it's just a matter of finding what it was!!  She is a clown and we really are enamored of her.  How any home lives without a Yorkie is beyond me.  Jim still is amazed at her size - she only weighs 3 1/2 pounds - but is a ball of fire.
  I took her on a plane trip this summer, to Texas, and she was great (the flight attendants even let me hold her part of the time).  We stayed in San Antonio with my daughter who has three cats - by the time we left, they'd sit in a circle together for treat time, and her male cat had a crush on Maggie.  A girlfriend in Austin has an 8 pound Yorkie - we were there 3 days and Maggie fell in love with Clancy.  On a camping trip last spring we met a couple who traveled with 6 Yorkies.  She put Maggie with them, one at a time, and they all accepted her.  They were the first Yorkies Maggie had seen -  she wasn't impressed.
  We had her spayed in May, as well as chipped and two baby teeth pulled.  With as many dogs as I've had she is the first that I was nervous about.  Probably because of her size.  When we went to pick her up the vet said she was the only one who was standing up waiting for us to come get her.  The other dogs were were looking for sympathy!  She was a champ.
  Her only two faults are obedience (once outside she often doesn't want to come in) and she HATES!!! to be groomed.   Hardly fatal flaws!  We will definitely always have a Yorkie - thank you so much for such a loving and beautiful dog.  I sent a picture from my phone and will look for some other good ones.  When it's time for another baby I will give you a call!

MaryAnn Swigart

3 1/2 lb Maggie laying on her sister a Golden Retriever named Sydney
  MaryAnn has been to my home recently to pick up her second puppy from us. MaryAnn flew from Washington DC to come pick her her new puppy named Mollie..
April 2010, Debbie and Jerrald came to my home and picked out CiCi when she was a baby. When CiCi was 12 weeks old I delivered her to the Kansas City area for them.
  Our two younger children wanted to get a new puppy when we lost our full size poodle Joey awhile back. We all decided we wanted to get a small dog and one that would not bother my husband’s allergies. After researching all small dogs we decided on a Yorkie. I then began to search the internet for breeders in our area and found Teresa’s website. Her website provided the most information.
  My husband and I went to Teresa’s home to see our little CiCi and fell in love with her. Teresa met us in Blue Springs which is not far from our home to deliver CiCi to us. We took little CiCi to the Vet the following Monday and he was very pleased with the care Teresa had given our little CiCi and made sure we knew that we had found an outstanding breeder. With our two younger children CiCi doesn’t get much time on the floor, she is in someone’s arms most of the time.

Teresa, thanks you so much for all you have done for CiCi.

Jerrald and Debbie

                           In October 2010 Marilyn came to my home to visit and took a little girl named Megan home with her.

I always wanted a Yorkie, but I thought they would be too small, required lots of grooming, and besides, I already had two dogs.  Then one day at Petsmart, in walks a woman with a Yorkie.  She let me pet him and she told me how happy she was with hers.  I picked him up, and as the saying goes, "you hold one, you want one."  I immediately went home and started looking at breeders on the internet.  At the time Proposition B was a heated topic in Missouri, so I searched for Prop B and breeders, and Teresa's website, Magnum Yorkies, came up.  I read everything on her website, looked at the pictures, and I was impressed.  She was on facebook, so I "liked" them.  I did addtional research on her and couldn't find any negative comments.  Then one Sunday, she posted a picture of a young dog on facebook named Megan, and I knew she was the dog for me.  I sent her an e-mail asking for the price and a few other questions, and she immediately e-mailed me back.  Once again, I was impressed, so then I put a deposit on my future baby.  I traveled to the Ozarks the following weekend (that's another reason I had to have her-a chance to go to the Ozarks!), and Teresa met me at the door and introduced herself, I met her husband and daughter, and they were also nice.  We talked for a long time and she gave me the paperwork, I signed a contract, and she answered all my questions.  She was very detailed.  What's nice about her dogs is they are AKC and they have the highest standards to meet as a breeder.  Megan is the joy of my life.  She is happy, healthy, loves other dogs, and loves people.  Her best trait is she travels well, so we will be taking trips together in the near future.  Please consider Magnum Yorkies for your next pet.  Make sure you sign up on facebook to keep up with the latest yorkie happenings at Magnum Yorkies.  Teresa always posts pictures from her current dogs and past dogs in their new homes, so you always feel like you are part of one big happy family.

Marilyn and Megan