If you see a puppy on our site that you would like to take home with you for your new pet/companion, please email me--  Teresamag@socket.net or call 573- 346-2103 anytime (leave message with phone number if no answer) for more information and  to talk about the puppy.  We would like to discuss the puppy with you and make sure it is the perfect puppy for you and your family. We do reserve the right to decline to sell any puppy to you if we don't believe it's the right puppy for you.

Most of the females we have available for pet homes are under 5 lbs. If the female puppy will be under 5 lbs as an adult, she will be too small for breeding and will be sold with AKC papers, with limited registration checked which prevents her being bred as her puppies could not be registered. All of our Yorkies are AKC registered. A female who will be under 5 lbs as an adult should be spayed as an accidental breeding could cause her death as well as the death of her puppies. At times our boy puppies will also be neutered. All puppies sold will have limited AKC registration unless prior arrangements have been made between buyer and breeder. We do not sell our breeding quality puppies to puppy mills or large breeding facilities.

I am often asked about expected weight of the puppies when they are grown. I can estimate its weight based on past experience with other puppies, but this prediction is only an estimate with the best information and past experience and not a guarantee of size. The only way you can know 100% what a puppy will weigh as an adult is to buy it as an adult.

After we have talked (or emailed)  and you have decided which puppy you want, a non-refundable reservation fee will hold the puppy until it is old enough to go home with you. (Usually 9 to 12 weeks, but may be longer for the smallest puppies.) Once the reservation fee is received, the puppy will be held for you and not sold to anyone else. Please email me when it is mailed and I will let you know when I receive it.

The reservation fee can be a check or money order made out to Teresa Magness and mailed to me. If the puppy will be picked up or shipped within 2 weeks from when the check is received, a money order should be sent instead of a check.

We can now accept PayPal for your reservation fee or payments. Please check with me about using PayPal and how much the convenience fee is.

AT THE TIME YOU PICK UP THE PUPPY, THE REMAINDER OF THE PRICE OF THE PUPPY MAY BE PAID BY CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT FOR THIS FINAL PAYMENT. Since the state of Missouri insists I do have to charge sales tax on all sales of puppies that will be living in Missouri or picked up in Missouri. I will let you know how much the sales tax is and it is to be added to the purchase price of the puppy.

Our puppies are fed ProPlan chicken and rice puppy food, which can be purchased at PetSmart, as well as some MFA Stores, PetCo, or PetSmart.com. You will receive a small bag of this food when you pick up your puppy.

Your puppy will be current on their shots, worming, and vaccinations for their age when you get it. It will have had its first vet check at about 7 to 8 weeks old.

You will receive a copy of the puppy's shot record, registration papers, pet guarantee, puppy's own toy, pet care kit with puppy care book, written care sheets, and a sample bag of the ProPlan food it has been eating.

Our guarantee provides that if your vet finds a serious health problem at your initial vet check (within 2 days of picking up the puppy) you can return your puppy for a different puppy.

Please read the information on this website on hypoglycemia, house training, and puppy care before taking your puppy home so that you will be better prepared to take care of the puppy.

Yorkies are wonderful pets and companions. You will enjoy their sweet disposition, spunky attitude, unquestioning love, and a lifetime of their companionship.  The only problem is -they are like potato chips-you can never have just one !

Purchasing a puppy from Magnum Yorkies