Puppies learn, like babies, by putting everything in their mouths. Remember-If it is dangerous for a child, it is just as dangerous for your puppy. Some suggestions to make sure your home is safe for your puppy...

*  Make sure all poisonous items like household cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach, insecticides, mothballs, antifreeze, roach, ant and rat poisons are stored out of the puppy's reach. All these can be fatal to a puppy.
*  Check to see if your plants are toxic to your puppy. Some common household and yard plants are poisonous to pets. Some of these are listed at www.dogpatch.org/plants.html or your vet might be able to provide you with a complete list.
*  An exercise pen or baby's door gate will provide a way to confine the puppy in a small area, when you don't want her underfoot or are unable to watch her carefully.
*  Breakables out of reach.
*  All wiring and cords put out of reach behind furniture, or encased in hard plastic flexible tubing (available at hardware stores, can be cut to size). A puppy who chews on an electric cord may receive a shock severe enough to kill her.
*  Anything small enough to be swallowed, (pennies, bounce balls, shoelaces, bits of paper, socks, nuts, bolts, wire) should be removed.
Puppy Proofing
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