Puppy Going Home Instructions.

We know getting a Yorkie puppy is a very exciting time for you so we have included a few going home instructions to remind you of some very important things about your new Yorkie puppy. There is lots of information on taking care of Yorkies on our website under the All About Yorkies tab, please take the time to look around it for more information. Please read puppy do’s and don’ts on my website before bringing puppy home.

Feeding - We use and recommend ProPlan puppy food, specifically the chicken and rice flavor. We will be sending a small container of this puppy food home with your new puppy so that puppy stays on the same food he had here and won’t upset his tummy with a food change. We would like for you to leave some dry puppy food out at all times for puppy to nibble on. Please make sure that puppy is eating at least 3-4 times a day. (more frequently for the tiny ones). If puppy is too excited by his new environment to eat enough you might entice him to eat by mixing a small amount (½ teaspoon) of the gourmet flavor of Mighty Dog canned dog food with 2 - 3 tablespoons of dry puppy food and feeding--All our puppies love this and have eaten it with gusto!! Water should be available at all times. You may want to give bottled water for the first couple of days to minimize tummy upset due to change in water from our house to your house. Please don’t give your puppy pig ears or rawhide to chew on, they may choke on these items. Give puppy safe toys to chew on. Nylabones or cotton rope toys are good choices.

Hypoglycemia - Make sure you have read the hypoglycemia information  in puppy’s care packet (and/or on my website). You need to know the signs and symptoms, how to treat it if it occurs, and how to prevent it.

Vet Appointment - Schedule a vet appointment within 2 days of picking up puppy. Your puppy will have had it’s first vaccinations and worming to prevent any problems. We will send puppy’s health record home with him in his puppy care pack. Please take the record, or a copy, to your vet at the first appointment. This will prevent any questions as to what has been done and prevent any duplicate treatments. Also your vet will know what vaccinations are due. Booster shots are to help the puppy raise it’s own immunity to diseases-so it’s important to complete the vaccination series according to your vets recommendations. Until the vaccination series is completed please try to take your puppy to the vet the first thing in the morning, don’t let your puppy play on the floor of the vet clinic, or play with any other dogs at the vets. This will help prevent puppy from coming into contact with any sick dogs that are there or that have been to the vet during the day. Please read the health care page on my website.

Socialization - It’s important for puppy to meet new people and other animals in a variety of places for socialization to raise a happy confident pet. However, until the puppy has had the full set of vaccinations it is still not completely protected from diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and parainfluenza. All of which will make puppy very ill and could even cause the puppy’s death. We recommend you don’t take your puppy to places where unvaccinated dogs might have been and your puppy could be exposed. Places like parks, pet stores (I.E. Petsmart), and puppy kindergartens are great places to socialize your puppy but not until the vaccination series is completed.

Grooming - Your puppy will come to you freshly bathed, nails trimmed, and ears trimmed. Yorkies hair is like most people’s hair (that’s why they don’t shed) and can be bathed weekly if desired. Be sure to read my grooming page on my website for more information on how to best take care of grooming your Yorkie. If your Yorkie’s ears are not yet standing when you take puppy home keep the ears trimmed until they do come up. Heavy hair will bring ears down and usually is kept trimmed off the top 1/3 of the ear. Also sometimes as puppies are growing or when teething ears will go up and down. Just keep the ears trimmed. Train your Yorkie to be accustomed to bathing, and standing for blow drying, brushing, and nail trimming before going to a grooming shop. Groomers hate having dogs come in that are scared or that struggle. Please ask your groomer to not use a “noose” on your Yorkie. A noose can put pressure on a Yorkies sensitive trachea and cause collapsing trachea. If your Yorkie is used to grooming there shouldn’t be a need for a noose. We also recommend that you use a harness instead of a collar on your Yorkie for walks. Using a harness, instead of a collar, will  keep pressure off the trachea and will help prevent collapsing trachea.

Training - Besides the obedience training and house training you do to make your Yorkie a more enjoyable pet please train your Yorkie to wait to be lifted up and down from beds and furniture. A Yorkie jumping like this is equivalent to you jumping off a 2 story house and as you can imagine can damage their knees and joints. So to protect them-teach them to wait for you to lift them.

Puppy Proofing - Make sure your house is “Yorkie puppy proofed”- put all breakables, cleaners, toxic plants, etc. out of reach-just like you would do for a human infant. See puppy proofing on my website for more ideas.

Most of all enjoy this new member of your family. We have tried to give you the healthiest, happiest, most loving Yorkie we can raise and we want all our puppies to bring joy and love into your lives. Please let us know if you have any questions. We love getting pictures and updates on our puppies so drop us a note from time to time.

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