Give puppy her own space, a bed or preferable a crate that is just for her and will give her a place to have time out from any one bothering her.  A crate will also keep her safe when you can't watch her.
  Show puppy where her water and food dishes are and take her to her own potty area. Take puppy out often to her potty area. If you don't have a fenced in yard please use a leash each time.
  Give puppy a routine, same time every day to be fed, exercised, and let out to potty. Outside under supervision.
  Take it slow with your new puppy. Let her meet each family member (people and animals), one at a time. Gently and patiently. The introductions should be supervised and under control. Other pets sometimes do better when meeting for the first time on neutral ground.
  Be consistent, gentle, and understanding as this puppy is just a baby. Be firm about your rules, such as no jumping up on people, no getting up on furniture, no barking, off limit areas, etc.
  Do obedience training with your puppy. Training helps with bonding and makes your Yorkie a pleasure to be around and to take with you.
  Be sure your puppy is eating enough, don't let her skip meals due to the danger of hypoglycemia.

  Bring home your new puppy when you don't have time for her to get used to all the new things in her life. A baby Yorkie needs time to become accustomed to you and your routine. This tiny breed needs to be kept indoors and have a fenced in yard for their protection. Give puppy security and time to build her confidence.
  Allow your puppy free run of the house or outdoors right away. A puppy needs to be supervised to make sure she doesn't do any unacceptable behaviors or have housebreaking difficulties. Use a crate or exercise pen.
  Feed your puppy with other pets. Let puppy have her own bowl and place to eat. This tiny breed needs to have nourishment more often than adult dogs or other puppy breeds. If you feed your Yorkie puppy with another pet it will be difficulty to tell how much she is eating.
  Leave your puppy alone with children. This puppy is still a baby and needs to be treated carefully. Puppy needs plenty of time to rest and eat. Children need to learn how to carefully hold and play with the puppy.

New Puppy Do's and Don'ts
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