Magnum Parti Yorkies
Magnum Parti Yorkies
  Magnum Yorkies has entered the exciting new world of the Parti Color Yorkie. Parti Yorkies are purebred AKC registered Yorkies with a different look. We absolutely love the silky coats of the Parti Yorkie and the wide variety of color, it's very exciting to have a Yorkie who is truly one of a kind!!! All of our adult Parti Yorkies and Parti gene carriers are AKC registered and will be DNA verified and health tested. We will be breeding for the Parti color but will continue to breed healthy puppies who have outgoing, friendly temperaments. Please check out our Parti Yorkies below by clicking in their pictures to see their individual pages. Pedigrees are available upon request. When we have Parti puppies available they will be posted on our puppy page.
All Parti Yorkies pictured below live here at Magnum Yorkies & are not for sale. Click on their pictures or links to learn more about each dog.
This chart shows the averages for breeding to produce Parti Color Yorkies or Parti gene carriers. All averages are based on a presumed litter of 4 puppies.

*Parti Color Yorkies bred to Parti Color Yorkies =  All Parti Color puppies.
                  ***This is Whiskey or Aladdin bred to Dancer***

*Parti Color to Parti Gene Carrier = 2 Parti Color & 2 Parti Color gene carriers
*** This is Whiskey or Aladdin bred to carrier girls like Hope, Joy and Sunni***

**Parti Color to Traditional Color  =  All Parti Gene Color Carriers
  ***This is our Whiskey or Aladdin if we breed to some of our standard Yorkies***


Parti Gene Carrier to Parti Gene Carrier =  1 Parti Color, 2 Parti Color Gene                                                           Carriers & 1 Traditional color

Parti Gene Carrier to Traditional color  =   2 Parti Color Gene Carriers & 2                                                            Traditional colors

  Checkers is a full Parti Color male who belongs to Shirley at Fantasy Yorkies. Checkers is the father to our Dancer,
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Dancer is registered as Magnum's Parti Dancer and she is now a Champion. Dancer has her CHIC certificate - CHIC # 70238, which means she has passed her CERF eye exam and OFA exam for patellas as well as her OFA cardiac exam. Please see her individual page for more pictures.
Checkers - Parti male
Aladdin is a full Parti Color male that we co-own with Shirley at Fantasy Yorkies. Aladdin is an APRI champion as well. He won the Top Dog award (like AKC's Best In Show) March 2011. Aladdin has passed his OFA patella, OFA cardiac, & eye CERF - we are waiting on his certificates now.
          Dancer - CHIC # 70238
Passed OFA Patellas, OFA Cardiac & Eye CERF
          Aladdin - CHIC # 76982
Passed OFA Patellas, OFA Cardiac & Eye CERF