Our lovely ladies and gentlement are placed with wonderful families when it is time for them to retire and take it easy. This page will show some of our boys and girls in their new retirement/vacation homes as they retire to become beloved family members. 
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Here is Brandy with her new family the Flanders
Ariel is now living with Missy in Ozark Missouri.
Suzie now lives with Missy in Richland Missouri
Baby is now living with Linda and Steve in Camdenton Missouri
Jazzie is now living with Becky and her kids in Kehoka Missouri.
Charm is now living with Abby in Morrison Colorado
Noni now lives with Rebel in Texas
Kate now lives with Ellen in Oregon
Leia has gone to live with David in Idaho

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Cinder has gone to live with the Adler family in Gray Summit Mo.
  Twister has gone to live with Brad and Debbie in Virgina.
  Skye has gone to live with Holly and Bob in Iowa.
  Tiger has gone to live with Cloie in MN
  Cash has gone to go live with Jasmine in    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  CeCe has gone to live with Lauren and the Scott family in St. Charles Mo.
Libby has gone to live with Jeff in Salina Ks.
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Tuxedo is living in Louisiana with the Brousards
Casino has gone to live in St. Louis Mo. with Carol and new best friend Sophie.