Your puppy will be eating Pro Plan chicken and rice puppy food when it comes home with you. We will give you a starter container to take home with you. Pro Plan is a high quality puppy food formulated for the high energy and nutritional needs of your puppy. Some MFA stores, Petsmart Stores or other pet supply stores carry the Pro Plan line of foods. We do recommend the chicken and rice flavor.

  Our puppies also love the Mighty Dog gourmet or beef canned food mixed into the dry food.

  We keep the dry food available at all times for the puppies and feed the dry mixed with a little Mighty Dog morning and night. After the puppy is a little older, you can switch to feeding 3-4 times a day instead of keeping it out all day. Because hypoglycemia is always a worry with these tiny pups until the puppy is older and eating well on it's own please be sure the puppy is eating plenty of protein. Give the puppy a tiny bit to eat right before bedtime.

  If you decide to switch to another brand of food, do it gradually, mixing in a little of the new food with the Pro Plan food. Every day mix in a little more of the new food until completely switched over.

  Yorkies are really good con artists. They will try to convince you that they should be eating people food. The food formulated for the puppy is healthier for it, providing the nutrients needed for good health and growth, so limit the amount of table food. Also people food can upset your yorkies stomach and make her not feel good. Please remember chocolate is dangerous to dogs, dogs should never have any chocolate.

  Treats are very helpful in training the puppy. Remember to give very small amounts, so puppy will still be hungry enough to eat her Pro Plan.

  Water should be available at all times, if house training is being troublesome you can take it up a night but don't restrict water in the daytime.