Available Adults
From time to time Magnum Yorkies may have an adult or teenage Yorkie available for placement in a pet home. This dog may be a retired mommy, a rescue we are helping to find a home for, or may be a puppy we kept for breeding and then decided that she wasn't going to fit into our breeding program.
  These adult Yorkies will be placed into loving pet homes with their spay or neuter already done, dental teeth cleaning done if needed, and immunizations up to date. They will have been vet checked, may have a microchip inserted, and will usually have their coat groomed into a puppy cut. Adoption fees will vary depending on the dog available for adoption, and all adoptive homes must be approved by me. These adult Yorkies will come with their own contract. See the contract here.
  Please contact us if you are interested in providing a loving pet home for an adult Yorkie.


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From time to time we have an adult that is scheduled to be retired but we haven't advertised yet or we know another breeder who has an adult to retire. Please contact us if you would like more information about adopting a retired adult.