Dancer is AKC registered as Magnum's Parti Dancer and is a Parti color Yorkie. She will give us some nice puppies when she is old enough. Dancer weighs right at 5 lbs at 17 months old but it took her forever to get this big!!. Dancer is an awesome dog- she loves everyone and is a real ham when it comes to picture time - I have tons of pictures of her because she loves the attention and is so photogenic. Dancer loves being the center of attention and has a real Yorkie attitude - she even barks at our horses and tries to run these huge animals off from our yard. Dancer gets along well with other dogs - even playing and holding her own with my husband's Bull Mastiff - Little Bit. Dancer has an exceptionally nice coat - very silky and a gorgeous blue color - it's very easy to care for. She has a dead level topline, nice ear set and wonderful movement. Dancer is an APRI Champion and has passed all her health checks - including OFA certifications for cardiac and patellas and CERF for her eyes - she has her CHIC certificate and was the first Parti colored Yorkie to be included in the CHIC registry. Dancer has a superb pedigree - available upon request. Scroll down to see more pictures and pictures of Dancer's babies.
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Dancer - 3 weeks old
Dancer - 7 weeks old
Dancer - 4 months old
Dancer - 5 months old
Dancer - 5 months old
Dancer - 9 months old
Dancer - 10 months old
Dancer - 11 months old
Dancer - 11 months old
Dancer - Dog show at 1 year old
Dancer - 1 1/2 years old - she loves the snow and was trying to help the cat catch birds under the bird feeder. She got up on the picnic table all on her own!!
Dancer's parents - Jade & Checkers
Dancer's CHIC certificate
     Magnum's Parti Dancer
AKC registration TR91992902
            CHIC # 70238