Magnum's Show Girl is called Cabaret and she is a cute little standard colored Yorkie. She is AKC registered and will produce nice puppies for us when she grows up. Cabaret weighs 4 1/2 lbs at 11 months old and should end up about 5 lbs as an adult. Cabaret is a real "go-getter" - she expects everyone to pay attention to her!! She acts like a star, loves everyone and has the perfect Yorkie attitude of being self confident and happy. We took her to her first show in March - at 5 months old she was too young to show to qualify for her championship but was entered into their Puppy Show. Cabaret did so well in the Puppy Show that she was awarded Best Puppy in Show!! Cabaret also finished her Championship with wonderful scores. Cabaret's hair is very fine and silky and she should have a dark steel blue coat as an adult since it hasn't started breaking color yet. She has a dead level topline, nice ear set and wonderful movement. Cruiser is her father and she is a niece to one of our previous girls (Libby) who produced awesome puppies for us which makes her a cousin to our girl Michelle. Cabaret has an exceptional pedigree - available upon request. Scroll down to see more pictures.
Cabaret at 17 weeks old
Cabaret at 5 months old - Best Puppy In Show

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Cabaret at 7 months old
Cabaret at 11 months old, playing in the yard
Cabaret at 12 months old, at dog show
Cabaret at 15 months old