Aladdin is a very sweet little boy who is the biggest attention seeker we have. He just adores people and really loves being the center of attention. Aladdin weighs just 4 lbs, has a level topline, beautiful face, and he has a beautiful silky coat that is tri-colored White/Black/Tan. Aladdin is a full Parti Colored Yorkie who has been DNA'd and blood profile tested. We co-own Aladdin with Shirley at Fantasy Yorkies and she showed him to his APRI Championship and has points toward his Prominent Championship (equivalent to AKC or UKC's Grand Champion). Aladdin was awarded the Top Dog award at a show in March 2011 which is like a Best in Show at an AKC show. If AKC ever allows Parti's to show in their shows we will show him there as well. Aladdin is available for stud to a few approved females, please contact me if you are interested in using Aladdin at stud. Aladdin "stamps" his puppies with his wonderful personality, beautiful coat with awesome color, and cute little face. His pedigree is available upon request.
     Aladdin at 5 months old
Aladdin as an adult
Aladdin being shown by Shirley
Aladdin's Top Dog award
Aladdin's mother - Dollie

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     Panda Bear Parti Aladdin
AKC registration: TR82495102
   DNA profile # V574913
          CHIC # 76982
Passed OFA Patellas, OFA Cardiac and eye CERF tests